7th Grade Reflection

Here I am on a dark cloudy morning sitting down in a roll chair being forced to blog about Seventh Grade. I mean I love to blog don’t get me wrong but I only like to blog about fishing. So anyway here I go, Seventh Grade a time I thought of sorrow and great mental brain surging activities.

So, I will start with gym class! I expected it would be a little tough because we all had matching uniforms, and that means its going to be a true gym class. Well, I wasn’t far off at all! For the next nine months, I suffer through lap after lap, pushup after pushup and then my body crying through the grueling pain. Then I ease into English class thinking it would be boring and just writing on a piece of paper but I was wrong. Our teacher, Mrs. Kriese has other plans besides writing on a piece of paper. We go to the computer lab and open up to this wonderful website called Edublogs were I can freely blog about my fishing experiences when ever I want. But, I hate it when I have blog about a topic like life lessons, like the time you ever helped someone and felt good about it.

So I carry on with the day jumping right into a class called robotics; thinking it would just be a bunch of nerds and I would be the  only athletic kid in the class. And I would look like a total idiot because I wouldn’t know how to code or whatever. But I was wrong once again! This class contained a few of my buddies who I could talk to. But this class turned out pretty well because I started talking about Marvel Super heroes. And it turns out we all have a inner nerd in us because I love Marvel and DC super heroes. Science… this class I was sure of. Sure we would have wave after wave of homework.  Yes, I was dead on correct all year! I had tons and tons of homework witch was my  least favorite class ever.

At the end of the year I think back to the days when I first turned into a seventh Grader and relies I have learned so much from the time I became a seventh grader. I learned to be more independent and work by myself, I became stronger in math and that’s just to name a few. And it turns out Seventh grade was my most favorite year ever.

Destin Florida

Destin Florida, the emerald green water and never ending picturesque sunset. I wake up in the morning overlooking crystal clear water and you would think I would just go relax and swim but I had bigger plans to spend my spring break. I Grab my rod holders and shove them into the sand about ten yard apart. Then I grab both of my big twelve foot shore rods and place them Carefully into the rod holder as if I wear carefully putting my baby brother to sleep. I grab a bucket with some shrimp and mullet, the I grad the leader on my rods with about a number five sized circle hook so when a fish takes it hooks it perfectly in the side if the mouth for and easy release. I put shrimp one and mullet on the other. I cast out about fifty yards just in between the beach and the first sandbar witch is called the troph. This is wear all the bait runs, shrimp,mullet, pinfish, and sand fleas and they are followed by a range of predatory game fish. Red fish, black drum, jack crevalle, bluefish, and pompano Ext….

When you cast out make sure to set your drag so when you hook up the fish just does not yank it out of the rod holder. Now you have to play the waiting game leave your bait out for a half and hour or more till you reel In and rebait it. And usually you want to come out in the mornings and the afternoons because that’s when they patrol the beach looking for food. So I head out again right before the sun goes down and cast out with just shrimp. I only wait about fifteen min before I hook up. I fight the fish for about ten minutes before I get him and it turned out to be about a forty inch bull red fish. A red fish usually become a bull red when it grows out of the slot with is about 18-29 inches. And before you pick up the fish make sure you wet your hands in the water before you handle the fish. Because the fish have protective slim on there scales that protect it from bacteria. As I unhook my fish theres no better feeling than watching your fish swim away in the emerald green waters of Destin Florida

Flapy Bird

Flap, Flap, Flap thud. Some people glorify this game Flapy Bird as it it were the holygaril of online gaming.  I mean really who has time to play a game where all you do it tap the screen simple as that right! Wrong this game is actually quite hard, for me at least i find my self disabled when it comes to electronics. My high score on this games is like 12, when some other people get up to the hundreds. Like really who has the time to sit down and be mentally determined to defeat this game when it never ends. I now i don’t. But the cool thing was that this guy was like making 200,00 a MONTH, and he took it off the app store! So this is my perspective of Flapy Bird.


Turkey, ham, Salome, olives, mustard, cheese, and the bread. Schlotzsky’s is flat out my favorite place to eat.

I just love the smell of the freshly baked bread. O the bread, it is my favorite part warm crispy and fluffy it just sooooo irresistible to shove in my mouth. And the turkey just so good to, it’s warm and delicious. Olives I have never been a really big fan for olives but they give the sandwich a good bitter taste that kind of makes me feel alive. And the Salome and ham just blend in acting as one delicious substance. The mustard gives it a sower taste that makes the sandwich even better.

Especially after I go fishing. when ever I am done with a tough day of fishing I always think of Schlotzsky’s. I imagine that warm crisp taste of that warm delicious sandwich. I fell like I am in heaven, even if I had a bad day of fishing Schlotzsky’s will make everything better no matter what situation you are in.

Another reason Schlotzsky’s it the best, is that it usually has a Cinnabon bakery. So right after you eat your mouth watering sandwich you can jump right into a nice warm Cinnabon. Cinnabon’s are best Buns on earth, soft and coated with a sweet layer of icing. And the bun basically melts in your mouth it is so cool and when you reach the center of the bun it tastes almost like bubble gum.

And when I get home I sit and relax while watching my favorite movie the patriot with my favorite actor Mel Gibson. So when I am done fishing I can swing on by the best place in the world Schlotzsky’s.

South Bay

Light House Lakes! I have been dreaming of going there for a long, long time to go fishing for red fish and trout. And we finally decided to rent kayaks down in Aransas Pass Tx. But since it was winter time light house lakes was very low and would be even lower since it was going to be a full moon.

So we decided to go to South Bay in Aransas pass Tx. But I forgot about all the cold 30-40 degree weather a few days ago and then I realized I forgot my WADERS. What ever I will just gut it out, so when we got into the kayaks the we first kayaked over to a drop off of point about 3-6ft deep. The reason we went to this drop off point was because it was early in the morning and about 40-60 degrees and the fish are gathering around these big mud flats because mud absorbs a lot of heat from the sun. But I realized that the water was murky and obscure, so dark water means dark lures so I grab a goldish black lures and I go to grab my scissors and they WERE NOT THERE!!!!

Great! Now we have to kayak about 1 grueling mile just to get my darn scissors. So we finally get back and find my scissors in the street, so we hop back into our kayaks and kayak another grueling mile but by the time we get there the fish have moved on. We figure since it has gotten a little warmer we should go to shallower warmer water. And we finally find a spot and angler up. I notice that water is clear and the sun is shining straight down on us. So I switch to a lighter gold glitter color so it will shine in the water and be more noticeable in the water to the fish. We cast and cast and cast but get no bites.

By now we are tired and exhausted and doubtful that we will catch one, but we finally manage to find a nice school of bull reds about 28-35 inches. So I make my fist cast and hook up. My drag goes screaming off, and the fish spits the hook. Darn. Then from there on out we get tiny light notes but they really never take the bait. I guess the temp changed there mood in feeding but o well. We decide to head in. I feel terrible kayaking for 7 hours and not one fish. We’ll I guess you could say a bad day of fishing is just as good as a good day at school.

Why Dillard’s is so depressing!!!

Ok Ryan time to go to Dillard’s, NOOOO I hate Dillard’s it is the most depressing little place in the world, I mean no one goes there anymore it’s terrible.
One reason is because of the lighting it seams it makes the room gloomy and dark witch makes it an Erie feeling when you walk in like in the paranormal activity movies. You see lights flickering in the background, you see a dark corner where you think someone is stalking you.
The second reason is the number of people that even go there, it’s like when you see a person they look mentally disturbed. And they stair of into space like soulless monsters that are not aware of there surroundings anymore. And the employes look demented and scary.
And the third reason is the worst of all,the dressers are painted a sort of pink color but the gloomy lighting always messes it up, it reminds me of the movie the Shining because I mentioned the employes are mentally disturbed and they might come at you with an AX or something brutal.
So whenever I get married and my wife sakes to go to Dillard’s I will say can we just go some ware with no gloomy lights, demented people, and Erie dressers, like Nordstroms.


today is Friday, the day before my grueling swim meet that will make my weekend the THE WORST WEEKEND EVER. So i wake up around 6:30 to get to my swim meet at 7:45, My first event was the 200 breaststroke, when ever i get ready to swim i always have butterflies in my stomach. So i get up on the block and and look around me to see who i am up against, O GREAT mostly every kid in my heat is bigger, and taller and very intimidating. since i have moved up an age group the past summer. Take your mark BEEP….i dove into the water suddenly surrounded in chilling water for a moment. By the time i am going on to my 150 in the 200 breaststroke my heart is pounding out of my chest like in the movie alien when the alien bursts out of you rib cage. But anyway i finish with dropping 2 seconds from my previous time. I find out that i made finals, so i had to come back in the afternoon to swim the 200 breaststroke again. I come back in the afternoon and get up on the block, take your mark beep….i dive in once again and start out with a good pace, I start to go faster and faster through the water. I finish with dropping a second from this morning.
DAY TWO OF THE CRAZIEST SWIM MEET EVER!!!!! So it is Sunday the last day of the meet, today i am swimming the 100 breaststroke. I get to the swim meet around 8:00 it is freezing, its about 35-39 degrees and this swim meet is outside to. I get in the tent with my swim teem and there are two heaters heating up the tent. So it is time for me to swim and i got on to the block. I look around to see who i am up against once again, O JUST FABULOUS every kid is 14 years old and tall. Take your mark beep… I dove into the water and go moderately fast on the 50 then sprint the last 50. I finish knocking of a second leaving me with a 1:14. So i sadly made it to finals but this time i made it to A finals so i race against the top 8 kids it the 100 breaststroke so i have to wait in the wet damp cold till my last event. Finally only minuets away from getting to go home but only one thing stands in my way THE 100 BREASTSTROKE. I get up on the block, take your mark beep…. i dive into the water going moderately fast on the first 50 the full out sprinting the last 50, YES I dropped 2 second from this morning witch would be a 1:12 2 seconds away from a A time. So i end up in second place out of every kid that raced in the 100 breaststroke. So this terrible weekend turned out to be not that bad at all.

Mosquito Lagoon

I think my number one place in the in the world to go to would be the Mosquito Lagoon. All because of fishing, they have snook, tarpon, red fish, and trout. I would rather catch a tarpon or snook because they fight hard and long. I would yous ruffle a 7ft medium light and a 7ft medium and 10-15 pound braid. The mosquito lagoon is roughly 2-5 feet deep and some times you will see tailing red fish in the grass flats. This is my number one place in the world to go.

Sensory Emotion Poem


Joyful is yellow.

And it tastes like sweet , cookies from the bakery.

It smells of fresh sourdough bread right out of the oven.

And it feels like a warm blanket sitting by the fire on a cold winter day.

Sounds like a soft comforting voice.

Looks like a young innocent boy.

joy is hope for the doubtful tributes.

by Ryan N


Finally it finally here the NEW D.O.A air head. I think is going to be my favorite bait ever. I think i will get the silver rush pattern it looks like a shade or mullet. It is one of the most versatile baits on the market. It goes for Bass, Snook, red fish, trout , tarpon and even black drum. I will yous this with a 3/16 ounce pinch wait. You can you this as a top water buzz bait, or a subsurface bait like a paddle tail.

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